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Bellingham, WA



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Fridays 2:30-4:00 p.m.

January 18th - March 1st

Grades: K - 3

INSTRUCTOR:  Annalee Dunn, Tiny Onion Cooking School

Annalee Dunn from Tiny Onion Cooking School will explore fresh, seasonal, and cultural recipes each week. Her focus is on making cooking healthy, fun, and educational for children. We will make some sweet and some savory recipes. Students will learn to recognize and use age-appropriate tools and utensils found in most kitchens. Each week your child will have samples to eat in class or take home. Allergies and food aversions can typically be accommodated, please let the school know at time of registration so menu planning can be arranged for this. No peanuts will be used. Cooking is joy, and this is what this class will inspire: joy and a love of healthy food!

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